What is a Barcamp?

A barcamp is an open conference. The content and schedule are developed by the participants themselves at the start of the conference and then shaped as it progresses. And this always follows the motto ‘give and take’. Each participant is asked to bring a ‘gift’ to the event in the form of a contribution (presentation, lecture, example, contribution to a discussion, workshop).

What can I do in advance?

You are welcome to think through your topic in advance. You should have this information ready to present your contribution:

  • Catchy and easy-to-understand title (e.g. 5 ways to do user research more efficiently with AI)
  • A detailed description with which you can present your session in 1-2 minutes and what is important to you (pitch)
  • Format (discussion, presentation…)
  • Target group (experienced UX professionals, beginners, etc.)

If you have a contribution that was created after the submission deadline, present it at the Barcamp. This will give you the chance to hold a session at Mensch und Computer at the Barcamp. 

How will it work at the conference?

There will be a 90-minute Barcamp Opening Session on the Tuesday of the conference. At this opening session, each contributor will have the opportunity to pitch your topic within one minute. If your contribution is well received by the other participants, it will be assigned to a room and a time slot (a so-called session) by posting your contribution template on the session schedule on site.

Sessions that have already been held in the pre-planned conference program on Sunday or Monday can be taken up, continued or repeated in short form. 

There will also be a few free slots for spontaneous topics and discussions as open spaces.