Karlsruhe is an especially captivating choice as the venue for Mensch und Computer 2024 for various reasons.

Recognized as the first UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts in Germany, Karlsruhe is a vibrant city with a thriving digital hub, a diverse university landscape, and a rich cultural and creative industry.

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), where the MuC 24 program will be hosted, is the oldest technical university in Germany with an exciting history. Significant milestones include Heinrich Hertz’s demonstration of electromagnetic waves in 1886 and the establishment of Germany’s inaugural computer science faculty in 1972. Moreover, Germany’s first email was received at KIT in 1984. KIT’s unique role has also influenced other key institutions in Karlsruhe, such as the founding of the ZKM | Center for Art and Media, a site included in the MuC (evening) program.

Karlsruhe’s distinctive cityscape, known as the “fan-shapedcity, is attributed to its founder, Margrave Karl Wilhelm. The city center, radiating from his palace built in 1715, is complemented by a rich museum landscape and unique natural attractions, including the Karlsruhe City Garden with the Zoological Garden—one of Germany’s largest inner-city parks.

© KTG Karlsruhe Tourismus GmbH Fotograf: Mende
© KTG Karlsruhe Tourismus GmbH Fotograf: Fabian von Poser